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Good news for Bones fanatics out there. Fox has recently announced that Bones Season 7 is a sure go!

“Bones is creatively fresh, it’s a rock-solid player every time it airs and this season it has helped us win on Thursday nights for the first time in our history,” said Reilly. “Hart Hanson and the fantastic cast and crew, as well as the millions of loyal Bones fans, make this show really special, and I’m excited to have it on our air for another stellar season.”

Bones star David Boreanaz jumped the gun late last night and tweeted the happy news to the twitterverse.

“Oh, Season 7 is GO for Bones.”

Even though the new deal is only for a year, it’s not uncommon given the the shows age and Fox’s limited line-up space. Everyone involved, including executives from the studio and network, have been confident for weeks that Bones would be renewed. Creator Hart Hanson has already broached the subject of star Emily Deschanel’s pregnancy and how it will affect Season 7.

“Season 7 would probably be a curtailed season in some respects; we don’t know how much yet. I’m ready to pitch a bunch of alternatives to the network, but we haven’t had those conversations yet” due to renewal talks, Hanson says. “We’ve had creative conversations about how to get out of Season 6, but we haven’t had any… about how to get into Season 7. For example, if we were to do four episodes without her, is the network interested? Or does their testing show that that would hurt the show?” Hanson poses. “I need to be ready for any one of those contingencies.”

So what are your expectations for season 7 of Bones?

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This is what I’m talking about. American Idol is not all about winning the competition! Reports say that Pia Toscano will start recording her first album next week.

According to E! News, “She’s set to start on Monday and we’ll see what works for her.”

And when will be hearing her new music?

We’re hearing that Pia’s first duty will be to start recording possible singles to release after the Idol season ends.

There were rumors earlier this month that Pia was already at work on her album, though we were told that there was no done deal. Artists she will most likely work with under 19 Management include Idol producers Rodney Jerkins and Rock Mafia (Tim James and Antonina Armato).

It’s shaping up to be a big week for Pia. Aside from her recording sessions, she’s due to collect a $100,000 check for a private performance this coming Sunday, per TMZ.

I’ll surely get a copy of this album. I love Pia and even though she was voted out, she is my AI10 winner.

So what are your song picks for her first album?

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We have the two new latest additions to The Hunger Games movie. Everyone, meet Marvel and Glimmer.

Jack Quaid and Leven Rembin have been cast as the District 1 tributes, Marvel and Glimmer.

The duo join District 11 tributes, Thresh and Rue played by Davo Okenivi and Amandla Stenberg, as well as Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss, Josh Hutcherson as Peeta, and Liam Hemsworth as Gale.

The Hunger Games follows the story of Katniss as she goes to fight in the ‘Hunger Games’ – a fight to the death used as entertainment for the Capitol.

The film will hit the big screen on March 23, 2012.

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Here is a good news for those who are satisfied with the series premiere of Game of Thrones. HBO confirms the second season of the said series despite the not-so-satisfying audience ratings.

HBO has a lot of faith in its newest series, giving the green light to a sophomore season just two days after the series premiere aired Sunday night.

According to Alan Sepinwall, the network made the decision because (or in spite of) a good-but-not-great opening audience of 2.2 million viewers.

Game of Thrones did pick up an additional two million viewers in later airings, for a strong 4.2 million total – one HBO is confident will grow with time.

Boardwalk Empire, by contrast, premiered to a staggering 7.1 million viewers last year (and was similarly picked up for a second season immediately).

That had the benefit of being plugged all summer during True Blood, however, while GoT was preceded by Mildred Pierce and the concluding Big Love.

True Blood, for what it’s worth, debuted to 1.4 million viewers, yet stands as the network’s biggest hit heading into its fourth season this summer.

Personally, I don’t care about the viewer ratings (but of course it is the main factor why some shows get cut). Given the production cost and how the premiere went (which is a job well done, in my opinion), the show should be renewed not just for a second season but for a third as well.

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Paul McDonald was voted out of American Idol 10, but definitely this is just the beginning of his very promising career. So what did he say about this? You can check his exit interview below with Reuters.

While he will watch the season’s Top 7 from the sidelines, Paul has a promising year ahead of him: aside from the upcoming “Idol” season 10 tour, the singer’s unique voice will be heard in the rock outfit the Grand Magnolias, and he just began a relationship with “Twilight” actress Nikki Reed.

In a conference call today, Paul maintained his carefree attitude while talking about his new romance, his infamous white suit, and Scotty McCreery’s many female fans.

Q: You’ve said that you wish you had done some things differently on the show. What regrets do you have?

A: Some of the song choices that I did weren’t probably the best ones for me. When I first tried out, this whole thing was just kinda for fun, and I didn’t even expect to get this far in the competition. So when I got up here, I kind of listened to some people when I probably should have stuck with my gut. But other than that, it was fun. I just maybe wish I had done some more of these obscure artists and stuff, more of the vibe of music that I was into. Because it came across onstage — I didn’t feel comfortable a whole lot of the time, just because I felt like it wasn’t me all of the time.

Q: You have such a unique voice and style. Coming in, what were your expectations? What did you think America was gonna think of you?

A: In all honesty, I tried not to think of that at all. I never watched the show while I was on it, I never went back and read reviews of what people thought. I was doing exactly what I wanted to do coming in there, although it was tough picking all these different songs and trying to do them. But I was being me. I came in there, and it was funny because the hair and makeup team would be like, “Man, we don’t need to do anything to you today.” I was like, “All right, cool.” And the stylist was like, “I like your clothes better than what we got!” So I just kinda did my own thing, and it worked out good enough for eighth place. So I’m pretty happy about it.

Q: In addition to your singing, you also became known for your flashy outfits. Can you take any of those home?

A: Actually, I got those outfits made for me before the show … I broke my bank on that first white suit before I came out to Hollywood. So yeah, I get to keep all of those. They were custom-made for me; my friend back home made them for me. Now I got the white and the black one, so I’ll get to keep them forever and wear them for my birthday and for New Year’s.

Q: With five girls going home early in the competition, do you feel that the men have an advantage in the early rounds?

A: Oh, I definitely do. It’s like the teenage girls are the ones who watch the show the most. I remember walking out on stage and I would look around, and people out in the audience have their posters and signs made. I was like, “Oh, there’s one poster over there that says Paul.” And then there’s like a thousand screaming 14-year-old girls that have Scotty McCreery posters (laughs). So I think the guys definitely have an advantage. It’s a shame for the girls, because they’re so talented. I don’t know too many guys that watch the show; I think it’s mostly girls.

Q: There have been reports that you and Nikki Reed have been dating. Is that true?

A: Yes, me and Nikki Reed are dating. It’s officially true. She’s super smart and a super cool girl, so I’m happy with it. We’ve been hanging out here and there. We’re both pretty busy, but it’s been fun so far.

Q: Last night, you seemed to take being voted off so well. How did you stay so optimistic?

A: When I came into the whole “Idol” thing, I had no expectations whatsoever. I never thought about winning or anything — I just came in and was doing my thing. If I had gotten kicked off months ago, I would have just gone back to doing my thing, and it just kept surprising me how far along I got … This is a killer platform for me to get out my original music, which is what I’m better at anyway. So I was just happy to be there. A bunch of the kids, the contestants, they’ve been watching “Idol” forever and wanting to win this thing. It’s one of their hugest dreams. So it’s like, “Go get it, guys! Y’all are good, I’m okay, I’m a 26-year-old man.”

I am a Paul fan, so definitely I’ll be watching out for his very promising career. So what’s your take on this one? And who will be next on American Idol Season 10?

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Sometimes people need to get more critical in placing their ad posters. Take for example this The Walking Dead Poster placed beside a funeral care.

‘Walking Dead at Co-op Funeralcare’ may have been a better headline, perhaps, for this apparent blunder by outdoor advertising giant Clear Channel.

The firm mounted a roadside ad for Channel 5 zombie drama The Walking Dead on a site in Consett, County Durham. Unfortunately for the Manchester-headquartered Co-op, and any recently bereaved folk in the area, the poster (pictured) adorned the side of the one of the group’s Funeralcare premises.

Eye-catching targeting perhaps (it’s certainly working for Channel 5 in the PR stakes, Ed) but not exactly sensitive, as quickly acknowledged by Clear Channel.

A spokeswomen told the various titles that have reported on the story: “Clear Channel apologises for any offence caused by the unfortunate juxtaposition of this advertisement, which was certainly not intended,” she said.

“We arranged to have it moved right away and it has now come down.”

What can you say about this ad on the funeral?

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So where will House end up? Will the series end already? Read the answers below.

Fox’s deal with Universal Media Studios, which produces the Hugh Laurie drama, is expiring, and as Variety reported Friday, there’s no resolution in sight. That’s led some to wonder whether Universal might ultimately move the show, entering its eighth season this fall, to sister network NBC.

Even though new NBC Entertainment chairman Bob Greenblatt is high on his new development, the network could use an established hit (even in its ratings-eroded state) like House. But insiders tell TV Guide Magazine that under the current deal between Fox and Universal, that’s not an immediate possibility.

According to those sources, a clause in the current House pact prevents Universal from shopping the show to NBC or any NBCUniversal network (such as USA). If talks fall apart and a window opens for Universal to shop the show elsewhere, it would have to be at a non-NBCUniversal affiliated network like ABC, CBS or TNT. (For now, Fox and Universal’s exclusive negotiating window has been extended through at least April 15.)

Both Fox and Universal remain far apart on how much the network will pay in license fees. Variety notes that Universal is looking to maintain their current deal, in which Fox pays for the cost of production on House plus a premium. It’s believed that Universal is also looking for a two-year deal, while Fox is looking to bring down its fees (given House’s lower ratings this season) and strike just a one-year deal.

Further complicating matters: Deals for showrunner David Shore and several castmembers must be renegotiated (although Laurie and Olivia Wilde’s options will be exercised). Cast member Robert Sean Leonard, in particular, is hinting that he’s not sure whether he’ll return.

So what do you think is the best move for House? Do you still want season 8?

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The exit of Pia Toscano shocks million of viewers not just in America but all over the world. Twitter and Facebook tell it all. Reactions are everywhere and it is good to see that even the famous stars shared their disbelief.

Here is a report from The Hollywood Reporter:

Oh, and those fans include some heavy hitters. For instance, Tom Hanks, who tweeted “Don’t have an IDOL habit, but how could the USA vote Pia off? I may be done for the season! HANX.”

“Jersey Shore’s” Snooki agreed, tweeting: “Pia should have won the whole thing! I’m not watchin Idol anuymore. I’m with JLO on this one…”

Ashton Kutcher, also on Pia’s side: “Who are the people that vote on ‘American Idol’? That’s just crazy! That Pia girl is dope.”

Former “Idol” contestant and bona fide star Jennifer Hudson was equally miffed: “I can not believe they just eliminated Pia!. Really? Long as she walked away with that voice she will be alright!! Just hate to see talent like that go!” (And Hudson should know. Although she didn’t win the competition herself, she’s arguably “Idol’s” most successful alumna.)

One-season “Idol” judge Ellen DeGeneres also weighed in, telling her followers she was “shocked and sad” after Pia’s elimination. See the image below.

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I guess Pia fans are still in state of disbelief. There’s nothing wrong about it because we are all surprised by her early elimination. Some idol fanatics even categorized Pia’s elimination as the “Biggest Upset in American Idol History.”

While we didn’t expect this one, there are reports that Pia saw it coming. There’s a premonition night before.

TV Squad: In a conference call this afternoon, Pia Toscano told the press she had a bad feeling about elimination night: “The night before, I had a weird feeling in my stomach. I felt good about my performance but I said to my parents, ‘I kind of feel like I’m going to be in the bottom three tomorrow.’ I kind of like expected it, it was weird.”

The singer couldn’t attribute the hunch to anything in particular, as she felt good about her first up tempo performance of the Tina Turner classic, “River Deep, Mountain High.”

In the 12 hours since Toscano’s elimination, there’s been much speculation as to what exactly led to her ousting. Everything from an unstoppable tween-girls voting block to the judges’ lack of critical guidance to rigged results from the producers has been tossed around. But the woman at the center of the drama simply shrugged off her elimination.

“I really don’t know,” said Pia. “There’s no exact formula.”

Like those who graciously went before her, Pia was quick with the handy “it was just my time to go” and “everything happens for a reason,” stock answers. And on the matter of the man who took the save that some say rightfully belonged to Pia, she was confident the judges made the right move.

“Casey deserved that save” said Pia. “It wasn’t his time to go, and he’s such a incredible musician and singer.” Asked if the judges confided in her about possibly using their one save too early, the trio told her they “wished they could have done something,” but whether or not they regret the move, remains a mystery.

And what of her bottom-three companions, in particular Stefano Langone, whom most thought was a sure shot to go home last night?

“Stefano is a very good friend of mine and he’s an incredible person,” Pia said. “The whole time I was sitting in the bottom three, he kept saying ‘You’re not going anywhere, it’s me.’ but he deserves to be in the top 8 right now. Everything happens the way it’s supposed to happen.”

Many would disagree with her on that one, but on the matter of her song choices throughout the competition, there’s been some debate. Did Toscano the decision to switch it up, at Randy’s request, leading into her elimination?

“It’s nobody’s fault,” she said. “The judges were right, I needed to mix it up. It wasn’t even out of my comfort zone because back home. I was doing the up tempo stuff more than the ballads. I needed to get more comfortable on stage. I am a little shy, and I do get stage fright.”

And it was clear Pia was shaken and emotional after the news of her elimination came down. “I was really just trying to stay composed. It was really emotionally. It’s scary being up there, you lose years off your life, it’s terrifying…Your mind goes blank and it’s was such a blur. So much so that Pia needed the assistance of a medic to make it off stage.

Now somewhat recovered from the shock, Pia told the press she’s looking forward to the tour this summer and the wealth of opportunities that her ‘American Idol’ experience has brought her. Pia, whose been trying out for ‘Idol’ since season 5, also encouraged fans to keep watching the show, as many have sworn if off after last night’s events.

For Pia Toscano fans, just think of Jennifer Hudson. That’s it, no need to worry.

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After the double elimination ousting Thia Megia and Naima Adedapo, one thing is sure, the female finalists are definitely in danger. Why? Because of the so-called “teenybopper” votes.

TV Squad: And though the girls were incredibly gracious about their eliminations, noting the top-notch competition they faced from their season 10 peers, Naima and Thia both acknowledged the power of the “teenybopper” vote, in deciding their fates.

“We sort of figured that since there are more females watching the show, the votes would be more for the guys,” said Thia. “It’s not only that, because the guys are also incredible, but we were a bit worried about that. We were a bit intimidated by all the girls watching the show and just knowing that their votes would be going to the guys.” Thia, by the way, happens to be a 16-year-old, herself.Asked about her appeal to ‘Idol’s’ power voters, Naima echoed Thia, to some extent.

“More than 50 percent of the audience is little teenage girls, and once they get a crush, we’re done! They dominate and that’s all right,” said the young Milwaukee mother.

Naima also remarked on her appeal to an older crowd, who might not have been as technologically hip to ‘Idol’s’ text/Facebook voting options. That, coupled with Naima’s left-of-center approach to her performances, may have hindered her ‘Idol’ run.

“I think sometimes people didn’t know where to place me or I felt like maybe they didn’t understand me sometimes. But honestly, the reactions I got from people have still been positive. They were like ‘Hmm, I don’t know about you but I kinda like you.’ I definitely struck people in a different kind of way and I think that because it was kind of hard to place me in a certain category, that did have an effect on how people voted and how they perceived me.”

As for Thia, the cry for less ballads and more upbeat songs did not go unheard by the young yet very experienced performer.

“I do regret not choosing more upbeat songs but the last performance that I did (Elton John’s “Daniel”), I don’t regret at all because I dedicated that song to my brother and I poured all the emotion that I had inside of me into that song and I don’t regret a bit of it. But for the previous weeks, I would have chosen more upbeat songs,” said Thia.

Naima also stood firm on her choice to go with reggae-infused performances. “I just wanted to really show every piece of me. That’s what I’ve been trying to do. I’ve been trying to take opportunities every time to show a new thing, show something different about me and I hadn’t really gone roots reggae (before “Elton John night”) and that’s a big part of me. I love and connect to it,” said Naima.

Both also touched on their respective relationships with Lauren Alaina, who was visibly shaken by the departure of the two, last night. While Thia bonded with Lauren during their four-hour school sessions, Naima took more of a maternal role with the young Georgian.

Said Naima, “I think it was very hard for her (Lauren) because not only was it me, going – I’ve been a mother figure a little bit, I’ve told her to have confidence and believe in herself and that she’s beautiful – but I think even more so it was Thia, that was her ace.”

The next week’s theme is Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame Night. Lets see how will Pia, Lauren and Haley handle such. Can we finally expect an Elvis performance from Scotty? How about Jacob, will he cry while singing a rock n’ roll song? I am also excited to see Casey’s sexy beast performance!

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