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Fans can expect some Hershel changes, more drama and great zombie moments on the second half of The Walking Dead season 2.



“What’s exciting about it is that the second half of season two takes a very unique shift,” said co-executive producer and makeup supervisor Gregory Nicotero in an exclusive interview about the AMC horror series as it prepares to return for the second half of season two Sunday. “Hershel—it’s now been proven that Hershel was wrong—so his character goes through a lot of changes. From this point on, finding Sophia dead in the barn changes everything. I mean, it was their driving force, and now the driving force has now shifted. So Rick begins questioning where he’s leading the group.”


Nicotero, who with his makeup team won an Emmy for their amazing makeup work on The Walking Dead, was promoted to co-executive producer this season and has directed an upcoming episode.


“We got a lot of stuff up our sleeves. … It’s some fantastic, fantastic drama. We’ll certainly have some great zombie moments coming up and really captivating stuff. I can’t wait to talk about it and share it with people,” he said.


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