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Hollywood Reporter gave us another batch of spoilers about Robin in How I Met Your Mother season 7.


“The month of February will answer a lot of questions and resolve a lot of things that have been kind of simmering below the surface,” said Bays, noting that reverberations from recent return of Victoria will be felt.


“She called it,” said Thomas. “Victoria was kind of the fortune teller in that episode. She calls that there’s going to be some fireworks involved with Ted and un-dealt with remaining feelings for Robin. And for sure, in February sweeps, we return to that in an interesting way… What Victoria came back to sort of prophesize will come true in February sweeps.”


That “complicated relationship,” as the duo put it, makes the characters reassess their decision to be roommates as Robin continues to date Kevin (guest star Kal Penn) and Barney licks his wounds over her turning him down, something that will also rear its head.


And the end is likely nigh for Kevin. While Bays said how much they’ve enjoyed working with Penn on the series, he was quick to point out that the waters don’t run as deep with Kevin as they do with Barney or Ted.”

Any thoughts about Robin?


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