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Sheldon and company are back! The good thing is that the season 5 premiere of “The Skank Reflex Analysis” picked up from the day Penny and Raj slept in bed together.

TV Fanatic: Sheldon’s belief that Penny was being literal when she said, “It’s not what it looks like” was quite funny. Jim Parsons plays the clueless, yet brilliant Sheldon perfectly here. It cracks me up when he can’t comprehend events that a “normal” person just naturally understands. I’m not sure how Leonard continues to put up with him, though we know how well it worked out when Leonard moved out.

In last season’s finale, I was disturbed by the Penny-Raj liaison. It was all kinds of wrong, but the way it played out was hilarious. I was happy to find out that they didn’t actually have sex, but the situation showed the true friendship between the guys. Leonard’s reaction to blurt out Raj’s secret crush on Bernadette was natural and showed that while they are nerds, they are also human.

Despite what happened, the guys still teamed up to go play paintball. That surprised me a bit, but it was worth it to see Sheldon sacrifice himself to bring the guys back together in the end. I had to watch Sheldon getting bombarded with paint balls a couple times. Funny stuff.

One complaint is Raj’s need to drink in order to talk to women. This really needs to stop. I appreciate the show’s continuity by having him drink a beer when Bernadette comes over and take swigs from the flask at Amy’s door, but Raj must have a terrible drinking problem at this point. I’d love for him to find another way to talk to girls, because he’s much more interesting when he interacts with them.

For a show that started out with Penny as a sidekick to the guys, she has come a long way. My favorite moments in the episode weren’t with the guys at all. Instead, it was when Penny and Amy were together and when Penny and Raj had their heart-to-heart.

I wonder if the truth will ever come out? I’ve previously been a fan of Penny and Leonard getting back together, but after this episode, I’m not sure. The show is much funnier when they aren’t together and, to be honest, Leonard has become one of my least favorite characters. I’m hopeful that with Priya in India that will change.

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Katie Leclerc is coming to The Big Bang Theory season 5 to stir things up.

Katie Leclerc, who portrays Daphne Vasquez on that ABC Family hit Switched at Birth, will appear on the October 6 episode of The Big Bang Theory as a love interest for Raj.

Like she does on Switched at Birth, and like she is in real life, the actress will play a deaf woman who gets set up with Ray by Penny. It’s unknown at the moment on how many episodes Leclerc will guest star.

The Big Bang Theory returns on September 22.

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The season 5 of The Big Bang Theory will start on the premise of Penny and Raj sleeping together on last season’s finale. There are some interesting photos below like the one with Penny and Leonard smiling, Sheldon holding a tablet, Penny and Raj confrontation, and many more. See them all.

How will the gang react? We can’t say for sure, but Kelly Cuoco told us at Comic Con she hopes Penny and Leonard find their way to each other this season. That journey gets underway in less than a month, and we’ve posted a handful of photos below from the fifth season opener:

The season 5 of The Big Bang Theory premieres on September 22 with an episode titled “The Skank Reflex Analysis.”
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I know you are all waiting for Leonard’s reaction about the sizzling Raj-Penny sex issue. Read it below.

“When Simon and I read that script, we got angry at Kunal. Dude, that’s messed up. We’re so protective of Penny and Kaley. We held a grudge for awhile. Poor Kunal was like, ‘I didn’t do anything!'”

Does Galecki want to see Penny and Leonard end up together?

“As an actor, those are my favorite scenes to play. I love working with Kaley. I think they’re the loves of each others’ lives, they just have a lot to learn. Hopefully we’re around long enough for them to mature.”

What about Sheldon moving out? “They don’t do very living far apart. They need each other to function.”

And playing the “straight man” in a sitcom? “Someone a lot smarter than me once said, ‘Comedy is a lot like hockey.  You get a lot of credit for assists.'”

Galecki also had a great quote about being recognized on the streets, considering the show’s ridiculous success: “All the fans are so nice. And there’s a vulnerability to these characters that makes people much sweeter to us than we deserve.”

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Kaley Cuoco shares with us what to expect on her character Penny on The Big Bang Theory season 5.

Unfortunately, much like Prady, the actress didn’t have much to divulge about the Penny-Raj hookup. Unlike Prady, though, she at least had an excuse: actors don’t receive scripts until mere days before an episode shoots

From there, we moved on to an area near and dear to Kaley: Penny’s acting career.

“Penny is not a very good actress, which I find really funny,” she said. “I would love to see her get some new acting jobs, but she’s so terrible at it. I’d love to get out of the Cheesecake Factory.”

What show would Kaley love to see Penny star on? The Real Housewives of Pasadena.

Next up, we had to return to ‘ships. This time, it was the show’s main love story. Will Penny and Leonard hook up on season five?

“I hope so. She was such a cockblock this whole season. From what I’m hearing, Penny might be having feelings for Leonard again. He’s got two chicks that want him and he’s still not getting laid at the end of the day.”

Yeah. Safe to say our table was obsessed. We had to return to Penny hooking up with the rest of the TBBT crew. Her thoughts on Penny hooking up with anyone but Leonard?

“Raj won’t talk to her, Sheldon is a robot, Wolotize is getting married, so it’s gotta be Leonard.”

Her reaction to TBBT fans’ obsession with Sheldon and Penny?

“The whole Shenny relation is very special. I don’t know if he respects her, but he tolerates more than any other woman. After she stood up to him and called his mom, he’s respected her since then.”

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The cast and producers of The Big Bang Theory visited Comic-Con 2011, and guess what, we got lots of spoilers especially from Prady and Molaro.

Our round table adventure began with two of the show’s producers, Bill Prady and Steve Molaro, who were ridiculously vague on Raj and Penny’s bedroom adventures. The best they could offer? “Whichever side the fans were on what happened, they’ll be happy with how it resolves.”

We can tell you, though, from subtle hints (but this is just a theory): it seems like the two did NOT sleep together.

Prady, however, had no problem letting it slip that “Leonard will move back in with Sheldon. That living arrangement fell apart when Pryia moved back to India.” Wait, what? When did that happen?

Molaro quickly chimed in to remind his fellow producer those events haven’t actually taken place, but not before Prady teased a long distance relationship between Leonard and Prya.

What guest stars will return? “Christine Baransky is absolutely coming back,” Prady said. “We certainly hope Laurie Metcalf will be back. And at some point we’d love to see Will Wheaton.”

He then retold a story about how they only use guest stars when they actually fit a story. While recounting Wheaton’s appearance in the Indian Jones film-stealing adventure, Molaro revealed the inspiration for the story: Mythbusters’ Adam Savage’s real-life Star Trek-related adventure.

The duo also teased problems that Leonard’s long-distance relationship and the sexual tension of living across the hall from Penny certainly will lead to some drama. But most surprising?

Prady said the show was written with no overall arc; it’s penned episode-to-episode.

With that, I think season 5 of The Big Bang Theory would be so exciting as well. What do you think?

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Very unlikely as producer Bill Prady gave us a hint that Leonard and Priya’s relationship will continue on The Big Bang Theory season 5.

“We’re going to put Leonard in a long distance relationship with Priya,” he tells TV Line, adding that Penny will still have feelings for Johnny Galecki’s character, meaning he’ll be faced with “two women and no sex.”

Yes, the showrunner acknowledges he likes when things are “complicated” on the series.

What are your thoughts regarding this spoiler? Do you prefer Leonard-Priya or Leonard-Penny?

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Guess what? You are not the only shocked on the season 4 finale of The Big Bang Theory. Kunal Nayyar (Raj) felt the same thing.

The Big Bang Theory star, whose character of Raj did the deed with Penny on that sitcom’s fourth season finale, said at CTV’s 2011-12 Fall launch this week that he didn’t see the development coming.

“I was quite surprised when that happened,” said Nayyar. “There was no indication during the season that we were leading up to that.”

So what will happen with Penny and Raj on season 5?

“To be honest, my first instinct to what happened is that perhaps Raj should try to apologize to Leonard and rebuild that friendship first. But on the other hand, it would be pretty cool to date Penny, too.”

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The season 8 finale of The Big Bang Theory may not be the best, because I still love the North Pole finale, but the episode is fun and real shocking as it delivered some issues that we can ponder before the next season.

Episode 24 titled “The Roommate Transmogrification” features Bernadette getting her PhD, Raj being Sheldon’s new roommate, Leonard and Priya on the brink of their relationship, Sheldon being so goofy on his laugh and paperworks about the temporary roommate agreement with Raj, and finally Penny being laid by the self-proclaimed “Homo in the City” Raj!

Too many events huh? But to repeat and answer the question on the previous spoilers, Raj is the new roommate of Sheldon. It is only temporary, but who knows, as Raj continues to impress Sheldon with his “difference between eating and dining” acts, he may stay longer. Also, consider these factors: Raj learned the best exits of the apartment (there are actually three), finished a refresher course on CPR and mastered how to please Sheldon.

Plus, Raj and Penny getting drunk and having sex on Leonard’s bed was an awesome scene. Let me tell it straight, the sex part was never shown but the aftershock when they woke up really made my day! Their expressions were awesome and I can’t believe Raj couldn’t still talk to Penny after what happened.

There was less Amy on the season 4 finale, but she definitely did her job when she guided Sheldon on how to do a self-massage. Sheldon’s reaction while massaging himself was hilarious!

What about this news, Bernadette will now get her PhD! Yehey, as Penny pointed out, Raj, Sheldon, Leonard, and Bernadette are all doctors while Howard, an engineer, ONLY knows many doctors! That scene made the episode start on a high note. Sadly, Howard and Bernadette argued with one another when the latter gave the former a Rolex watch! Is it all about Howard’s pride? Or is he worried that he will be babied by her fiancee?

Well, I’m not that interested on Leonard and Priya’s relationship. But the news that Priya will be soon moving back to India made Leonard so upset, thus opening up their relationship to Priya’s parents through video call. As a result Priya got upset as well. I don’t know what will happen next on their relationship, I am still occupied with the thoughts of Penny and Raj together. This second couple is more interesting, in my opinion. but will they pursue it on season 5?

The season finale of The Big Bang Theory ended with the scene wherein all the cast are in Sheldon’s apartment. I love this scene because it seems like the key events on the finale were all summed up. There are obviously lots of cliffhangers and I can’t wait to watch season 5.

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