Pokemon Revolution: Where To Get HM03 Surf in Safari Zone

Here is a simple Pokemon Revolution Online guide on where to get HM03 Surf in Safari Zone. Make sure that you have already defeated Erika and her grass type pokemon in Celadon City gym. This will give you your fourth badge. Let’s now get Surf!

First, you need to go to the beach in Route 19 south of Fuchsia City. Defeat Victor in a battle. Yes, he is the same guy who can teach Pikachu Surf as discussed HERE. He will tell you then that HM03 Surf is on a wooden table in Safari House.surf-1

Go to Fuchsia City, enter Safari Zone. Note that there is a fee of 5000 so make sure that you know where are you going before actually entering the said area.

After entering Safari, go north of the house then east until you see the entrance to Safari Area 1.


Then, in Safari Area 1, go north until you find the house shown below. That is not the house we are looking for. Continue going north, then west until you see the entrance to Safari Area 2.



You are now in Safari Area 2. Just go to extreme western part of the area then go south, that is the entrance to Safari Area 3. See photo below.

In Safari Area 3, go south until you see the house shown below. That is the house where HM03 – Surf is located. Enter the house and get Surf from the table.


There you go. You now have Surf. You can now use this south of the beach in Route 19 to battle some more trainers if you have trouble beating Janine.

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