Pokemon Revolution: Eevee Mission at Game Corner Guide

Here is a guide on how to find Giovanni and acquire Eevee in Team Rocket’s hideout at Game Corner.

First thing that you need to do is talk to Sergeant Rick  as he stood outside of the Game Corner. Then enter Game Corner and talk to the guy standing near the stairs. He will bring you inside the hideout. Next thing to do is get the lift key from the table so that you will be able to use the elevator. This is an easy task as you will see it right away when you reach the hideout.eevee-quest-1

In the hideout, some Team Rocket (TR) members will catch you as an intruder and will detain you in a room. Go near the crate/box in the room and you can use them to escape. Just be careful not to get caught again. Explore the rooms, solve the puzzles, and defeat other TR members for Pokemon experience.

Next thing that you need to find is the Card Key. It is located in the 4th floor of the basement, but you must use the stairs at the 3rd floor to get there. Defeat Supervisor Jason and get the Card Key. See the photos below.




Now, heal your Pokemon, and go back to Game Corner. Take the lift and go to 4th floor.  There are still some scientists/nerds here that you can battle. Then, you will see a hidden entrance (which is quite noticeable) at the northern part of the room where you will use your Card Key. After using the Card Key, you will be able to enter the room and face Giovanni.


After defeating Giovanni, he will give you the password “Persian.” You can now retrieve an Eevee from his machines. I found it at the right machine in the same room.


Then give Eevee back to Sergeant Rick and he will give you your own Eevee. Mission complete.

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