Pokemon Revolution: Cinnabar Mansion Guide

This Pokemon Revolution guide will show you all the items that you can get in Cinnabar Mansion including, of course, the rusty old Cinnabar Key.

First thing that you need to do is go to the 3rd floor of the Cinnabar Mansion. Once there, go south until you see the guard shown in the photo below.



The guard will ask you to enter one of the five doors. Take the first door right below the guard and it will lead you to the basement where the key is located.


Now that you got the Cinnabar key, make sure to get as well other valuable items found in the mansion. These items are Calcium, Zinc, TM22 – Solarbeam and … Nothing! Yes, check the third photo to see where to get Nothing!cinnabar-mansion-2 cinnabar-mansion-3 cinnabar-mansion-4 cinnabar-mansion-5

Other items that you can get from Cinnabar mansion are Escape Rope (1F), Antidote and Full Restore (B1F).

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