Pokemon Revolution: How to Get HM01 – Cut

Here is a guide on how to get HM01 – Cut in Pokemon Revolution Online.

First, you need to board SS Anne. Check this article on how to get a ticket.

Once you are already inside SS Anne, you need to find Doctor Neumann inside the Kitchen located at first floor of the said ship. Talk to him and if you have a Pecha Berry he will ask you to see a pharmacist somewhere in the second floor.



Once you are already in the second floor, go to the rightmost room and you will be able to see Jenson. He will ask you if you have Pecha Berry then he will tell you to go to the ballroom to find the culprit of the captain’s poisoning while he makes the potion. He will also tell you that he will just ask Blissey to deliver the secret potion in the ballroom.



Inside the ballroom, go to the leftmost portion and you will see Blissey (a pokemon), talk to it and it will give you the Secret Potion.


After receiving the potion, go to the captain’s room and give him said potion. He will recover from poisoning and he will give you HM01 – Cut in return.



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