Pokemon Revolution: How to Get to Giovanni in Silph Co Maze

Here is a very simple Pokemon Revolution Online guide on how to get to Giovanni in Silph Co building.

I suggest that before going  to Giovanni, make sure to defeat first all the Team Rocket members on every floor. This will give you extra experience points.

If you are done with your TR sweep, it is time to face the Team Rocket leader. Solving the teleport maze in Silph Co building might take lots of your time, especially if you started on the wrong floor. So here is a direct guide on how to go to Giovanni.

First go to 3rd floor and look for the middle room as shown in the photo below. Then teleport.


As you see you are now in a room in 2nd floor. Just teleport using the other diamond in the room.


You are now standing on the 11th floor of the building. Beat the trainer blocking your way.


After beating said trainer, enter the next room where you will find Giovanni. Do not worry about the Team Rocket member on the other side of the table. She is there to block your way and not for a battle.


Make sure that your pokemon are completely healed then have a battle against Giovanni. He still has his usual pokemon – Nidoking, Persian, Nidoqueen and Rhyperior. After defeating him, talk to the old guy at the back and he will give you some rewards.


That guy will give you a Masterball…


But he will tell you that Giovanni still has it so he will just give you rare candies instead.

That ends our guide for this Silph Co Maze. Enjoy playing Pokemon Revolution Online.

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