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Take note, Dexter season 6 will tackle faith and religion. So will it be a Da Vinci Code-ish season?

No, Showtime President Mark Nevins joked today at the Television Critics Association press tour: “Jesus will not be on Dexter this year.”

Instead, Dexter Morgan will wrestle with the question “what does it mean to raise a child given the Dark Passenger I’m carrying around with me?” Nevis said, while saying he’d find clues of a large criminal story that involves Colin Hanks and Edward James Olmos.

“The killings Dexter is following unravel in a Dan Brown sort of way, where there are clues to be followed.”

Might season six mark Dexter’s final killing spree? It’s unlikely, according to the executive: “There are things that happen this year that will set up new life for the show.”

What can you say about the concept of season 6 of Dexter?

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