2016 Elections: 13 Key Points of Pacquiao Interview by Karen Davila

Here is the interview of Sarangani Representative Manny Pacquiao by Karen Davila and Vic Lima. Watch the video below.

Key points:

  1. He will support the Anti-Discrimination Bill.
  2. He is aware of the separation of Church and State but he said that “it is impossible for a nation to become successful or to be blessed without the guidance of the Lord.”
  3. It seems that he is not aware or simply does not understand the concept of marriage with regard to the corresponding rights and benefits enjoyed by the spouses as provided for by law. He did not respond to the question.
  4. He is in favor of allowing same-sex couples to legally adopt.
  5. The only way to solve corruption, according to him, is to have godly leaders.
  6. He is anti-divorce. It is written in the bible according to him.
  7. He is in favor of death penalty. “It is biblical,” he said.
  8. He defended Binay. Presumption of innocence and due process should be observed.
  9. According to him, sexual act or intercourse by same sex couple is detestable.
  10. He said that same sex couple can live together under one roof provided that they will not perform sexual act or intercourse.
  11. He said that he does not judge people, he just state what is written in the bible.
  12. Bemz Benedito of LADLAD Partylist is worried about the fact that Pacquiao as a legislator bases his decision on his own interpretation of the bible. Bible can be interpreted in different ways.
  13. Bemz said that Pacquiao should have at least filed the Anti-Discrimination bill during his three-year stay in the House of Representatives. He will also not support Pacquiao’s bill in the Senate, if ever, because it will be based on the latter’s own belief and interpretation of the bible.


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