Pokemon Revolution: How to Get HM05 Flash

Here are the ways on how to get HM05 Flash in Pokemon Revolution Online.

Notice that you will not be able to get Flash immediately right after you have defeated Brock. You need to finish several quests first. Again, below are the ways to get Flash.

First, take note that you can already get Flash once you already got HM01 Cut from SS Anne. See how to get cut HERE.

After getting cut, you need to go back through Mt. Moon (yeah, this is quite tasky) and reach Route 2. You will see a tree that can be cut, then you can go down now to Professor Oak’s aide. See photo below. (Well if you pass through Mt. Moon then you should be on the other side of the tree 🙂 )


Second is by defeating Lt. Surge first then going through Diglett’s cave (east of Vermilion City). At the other side of the cave is Route 2 where you will find Professor Oak’s aide.


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